Wednesday, June 29, 2011

CB750 Update

Haven't taken to many photos of the project lately, but heres the scoop:
Frame, trees, side stand, and center stand have been painted;
Fender has been primered and just needs wet sanding and paint;
Tank still needs more body work and to be primed and painted;
Carb work has begun, tried it in the house, wife through me out after an hour of gas fumes permeating;
Have begun cleaning up the front end;

Will be ready to start reasemmbling and ordering a few more parts next week
Items needed:
some bars(clip-ons or maybe clubmans),
top clamp(s) for riser (7/8), 
11.5 shocks (eye to clevis),
small headlight (bottom or side mounts),
Please shoot me an email or comment if you have any of these laying around and want to get rid of them!

Here is one crappy cell phone pic from the other night after the frame was moved back inside after being painted and before it rained, Again.


  1. Frame looks good AJ, what is the plan for this bike? I'm kinda late to the party so fill me in. You doing all the paint and body yourself?

  2. Hey dude, yeah I'm gonna do all the paint and body work myself. The plan is to simplify everything, repaint, drop it about 2 - 2 1/2" all the way around, new exhasust, new seat, a little cafe "style" bike, ride it for a bit and then sell it. My inspiration is the pic of that bike in the Cafe Dreamin' post. Check it out.

    I want to build one or two more and get enough coin to get an American V-twin. I'm not selling the Yamaha though. We've got too many memories together.