Monday, August 22, 2011

From Inside the USS Alabama Battleship

These were some pics I took around the first week of July but I just got the camera back and was able to download them.  I took the kids to visit the battleship and submarine on the way home from the 4th of July beach trip.  

I liked all the old art, photography, drawings, and just general nostalgia that was aboard the ship everywhere. 

Those were some big freakin' wrenches.

I liked the design of the sights.

My Lil' Man just having a ball and soakin' it all in.


"Lead, Dammit, Lead"

Had to throw 'em in the Brig for a little while.

The beautiful lady who puts up with all my shit and keeps me going. 

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Gracias Amigo!

Thanks for the decor for my new lid I got for Father's Day and I even put a little love on the bike!

Monday, August 15, 2011

Go West!

Just ride West in the Evenings.  Me and a buddy took off yesterday.  He said which way.  I said West.  My usual answer if it's anywhere close to the evening time.

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

So, this is what's been happening....

Haven't been posting stuff, to much going on to even list, getting ready to move houses, wrenching, getting two kids back to school, and in a new one at that, and it goes on and on an on......BUT, the good news is the old Yamaha is back up and running so I've been back to abusing it and getting some much needed time in the saddle.  Here's some random cell pics from the past 2 weeks or so in no particular order.

Below: Waiting on the side of the gravel road with a flat tire enjoy an evening summer rain shower.

Below: This is where the final flat on the front tire occured. Not a bad place, even had a little bench to rest on and some nice broad Oak Trees to get out from the rain.  My bike is just behind that small Magnolia tree (State tree of MS).  Trust me when I tell you there is nothing on this dirt road WAY OUT in the middle of nowhere but this little sitting area at a fork in the road. 

Below: Still chilling at God's Special Place.  I was waiting on a buddy to come rescue me with a truck and an air compressor.  He came and we limped the bike back to his house where I could get the wheel off and get a tube put in once I got back to my house.

Below: Me and my buddy Mike before the front tire finally decided to dump for good.  He's built this GS450 3 times now (variations of hardtails) and now this flat track bobber thing that will absolutely rip up the back roads.  It's like a BMX bike with a strong pullin' motor in it.  Mike loves tearing up these backroads.  We're gonna have to get some dirt bikes for the collection I can already tell.  He's definately bitten by the bug and the only thing stopping me is some greenbacks.

Below: Lost, tire getting flat at a rapid pace, took a pic while discussing which way to go.

Hmmmm.....should I climb in that rabbit hole or not? Just takin' pics to pass the time while I waited at God's Special Place with a flat.

Below: Me and Mr. Ed. We made friends to pass the time and I told him I would come back and visit.

Below: Really stupid idea.  I'm going to drop the damn phone if I keep doing this.

Another stupid self-portrait to document the break down in the rain, in the middle of nowhere. Just me the shrooms, the fields, the devil beating his wife, and Mr. Ed, chilling in God's Special Place.

Below: Spent almost 4 solid nights in this shed to get the bike tuned and running properly, only to go on the ride that left me sitting on a Rock Road.  Was it worth it? Fuck YES, it was worth it. 

Below: The Tennessee Tombigbee Waterway. I cross the river a millions time a week and never get tired of looking at it and love being on it.

Below: Day before the flat, a short 35mi. trip up north to visit my uncle on the family land.  Good times, not much riding, but lots of cold beer and good stories were shared. I think him and that damn 65 1/2 SuperGlide are a big reason I get bit by this two wheeled addiction at an early age.

Rollin' down backroads to Mike's. 

Old service station out by Mike's house. Thought it was cool.  They're becoming rare.

Drink Double Cola.

The rest are this past Sunday's ride with Mike and two guys he introduced me to, Luke and Jairus, two pretty standup dudes that are into riding and beating the shit out of their motorcyles instead of just staring at them. 

So anyways, that's it for now, hopefully we'll be settled in a new house soon, back in a routine and I can get back to making headway on the CB750 project.  I would really like to finish in time to ride it to the Barber Vintage Motorsports Festival on Oct. 7-10.  I had put some pretty lofty goals out there as far as a timeline for finishing, but I believe I can make this one happen.  It's a reasonable amount of time for work and collection of the remainder of funds / parts.  If not I'm going anyways, never been before, and all I have heard is absolutely great things about it.  

 I'm also getting pretty stoked on knocking some Doves out of the sky to.  I love the smell of gunpowder in the morning.  I also love the smell of bacan wrapped doves on the grill.