Monday, February 27, 2012

Start 'em Young...and a Great Birthday

I got to take little man around the neighborhood for some warm weather action on the back of the '96. He couldn't really ride on the back of the yamaha to much and that was the first thing he asked when he saw this one roll in the Moto Panic Garage.  "Daddy, it's got a sissy bar, that means I can ride right?"  I promised him a ride and it just so happened my buddy Josh was around on his scooter when I took lil' man for the short jaunt and next thing was when I looked over I saw him snapping pics with his cell phone.  I sure am glad he did because having times like this documented are absolutely priceless.  Appreciate it brother.

Although I put on a slimmer seat that my homie Luke offered up to me, lil' man's feet were still just shy of hitting the rear pegs just right.  The rule for him has been, no open roads unless you can sit firmly on the seat with both feet planted securely on the rear pegs and have a sissy bar.  I got some 10.5" shocks going on tonight and I believe that should remedy the situation and he'll be able to cruise to some short locations around the area we live on his first open road motorcycle cruise.  

This was probably one of the best birthday weekends ever.  Over the period of the last 4 days, I got to spend a lot of time riding my bikes in beautiful weather, became the owner of a Harley Davidson, hung out with my family, and celebrated with friends.  It required less sleep, but oh well, we'll sleep when we die.

Oh yeah and for the folks out there who I told that when I bought this bike that I would pull wheelies with it within the first week.  Make sure to ask Josh if I'm a liar.  The bike will definitely pull wheelies.  That was another successful accomplishment of the awesome Bday weekend.

Friday, February 24, 2012

New Whip - Happy Birthday To Me!

Here's a lil' sneaky peaky at the new whip I rewarded myself with for being born. 
1996 1200 XL less than 10k on the clock.  Super clean, got it for a song.
 Rode it home, got there about 9, went and blasted around until 2 a.m. Yes sir! 

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Americana Speed Shop

I met this dude on the BMR trip last year.  He was one of the first dudes I met as I peeled my eyes open inside of a crusty GARCO van and unwrapped myself from a packing blanket that smelled like dog piss and hopelessly shook the cobwebs from my brain and bear shit from my mouth.  As I stumbled out, I meet a guy named Ian and 30 minutes later we're blasting down the road with about 10-12 other dudes on choppers.  Little did I know what kind of experience I was embarking on.  One of the highlights of this trip was meeting folks like him and spending time on the side of the road.   

 Since this time Ian has been honing his craft of leather working and in my opinion is becoming a fine tradesman.  Check out his blog at and if you want any leather goods give this man a shot.  My buddies have ordered things from him and have been super stoked, but I just received a little treasure in the mail last week and want to send out a big THANK YOU!  

Bike and Tacos Bitches.

It's coincidence my birthday is this weekend and this just tops it off that I have somewhere Classy to put that $25 my mom gives me every year in now.  And, speaking of class, make sure to check out the write up that was done in Show Class magazine issue 5 on Americana Speed Shop.

Some of his latest work for another one of the best dudes around, my homie Chopper Ed.

Ian can make you whatever you need, Saddlebags, Fuel Slings, Wallets, Koozies, Flask Holders, you name it.  So go check him out, give him a holler, and there is always a link on the right to get there if 'ya need it.

I'll leave you with this parting shot of how what his Ironhead from the top evolved into.  A badass motherfuckin' ride if I say so myself.  Props on the ride and the work brother!

Can't wait for my busy season to end and spend some time blastin' down the road with you again homie!

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

For LT and his love of Quad Cam Freedom Machines

Here ya' go buddy.  Stolen off the interwebz for our personal enjoyment. 

For everyone else, comment and let me know if you wanna see some stuff.  Only a few ever do, but this could get a whole lot more interesting with some feedback.  The blog is really just so I can put some thoughts down every once in a while, document some travels and moments with people in my life, but please feel free to click "Follow" and come along for the ride if you want.  I mean for Fuck's sake it's on the internet, it ain't no secret and if you want me to put some stuff up or want to let me know I'm slacking, well do it.  Motivation is good in various forms. 

Again, if these are your bikes, I think they are fine examples of custom QC's, but if for whatever reason you want 'em removed, the images aren't mine so drop a line and it's done.  Much respect goes out to the machines above.  

Saturday, February 11, 2012

A Quiet Relationship - Man and Machine

Sometimes I do this.  I just walk out to the shop, have a seat, a frosty beverage, a smoke and contemplate.  The solitude and introsprective thoughts of just me and my personal freedom machine.  The relationship is like that of a best friend in which words don't have to be spoken and you already know what the other is thinking.  Yeah, maybe you haven't seen them in a while and when you first come in contact, of course the obligatory howdy doo's are in order, but after that, it's back to comfortable silence and all it takes is a glance to know what's about to happen or how the other is feeling.  

Sometimes you sense the pride the other is permeating through their attitude and immediately think, "hey let's get out and celebrate old friend", and you take the curvy Autumn leaf covered asphalt cruise at a pace that makes you both happy and not uncomfortable.  Other times, without a word you sense the anxiety and acknowledge that although you're feeling great, maybe your companion needs rest and to be massaged; refreshed with some 40 weight, greased in the places that need it, and wiped from the others where it don't belong.  Lessons like these are an evolution of the conscious in which you consider more than just yourself, because if you don' will get hurt.  Don't ever go down because of self-righteousness, go down because you really wanted that little extra bit of adrenaline and wanted to live life to the fullest.  You know just like our friend Hunter said, "Shot out of a cannon, not squeezed out of a tube."

It's time for a new 'machine friend' to be welcomed into the family.  I have anticipations of another long nurturing friendship with mutual respect just as my faithful and always transitioning 650 has given me.  I look forward to making the new machine an ultra reliable "All Business" machine simulation of the thoughts that consume this two-wheeled addictive mental state of mine.  So here I go into the adaptive high level stimulation of goal setting, cost obstacle customization of an American V-Twin.  

Stay Tuned!         

These photos above are me working on the 650 that has given me more enjoyment than I care to take the time to write about right now, but this is what I'm talking about.  Take the time to care for you machines and they will treat you with respect as well.  The diagnostic for interpersonal relationships have such similar characteristics that it is almost surreal.  A relationship with a machine, who would of thought it. It's like telling a person you're not going to be able to see them as much for whatever the reason may be. Weird!

Thursday, February 2, 2012

The New Harley Buzz...

The new additions have been all the buzz today.  Here's my thoughts if anyone gives a shit......

My opinion is the new 72 is just another over priced Sportster.  For the most part, I actually like the design of the new Sportsters. They run phenomenal, handle great, and are a super enjoyable ride, but who in the hell can justify going and throwing down $11,000 for a new Sporty.  Conclusion: Bike - thumbs up; Price - another big FU HD Thumbs Fucking Down.   

So, onto the Slim.  I mean c'mon, really, WTF is up with the oxymoronic name? I just don't get it.  This is a Beast.  I guess it's like calling the fattest motherfucker that lives in every small town in the south, "Tiny."  We do it because it's funny.  I digress, the bike has some decent styling cues as it flows nicely from the handlebars down into the saddle and over the clean lines of the rear fender.  Throw the front fender in the garbage or use it as a rear fender on a real chopper.  The handlebars are cool, but again it's just another overpriced HD selling for a cool $16,000.  Conclusion : Bike - Half a thumbs up; Price - well another big FU HD two fucking thumbs down.


Jones'n....and I'm leaving it at that. 

Wall Art

My buddy Josh got bored at work and decided to make a little wall art.  Thanks again homie.
 It's always cool when people do random nice stuff. 

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Sunday Fun Day at the Skate Park

I had to go out of town on business for a week a couple weeks ago, so I made sure to spend as much time with the children on Sunday as possible before I split.  What better way to get out and then to spend a little time riding BMX and  skateboards.  My children definitely take after their old man though.  Skateboards are cool and all, but we are definitely better on two wheels.  Little man is killin' it on that bike for a 5 year old. 

Between me and the internet...there is about a 15 foot 70 degree drop to the right of these steps that I immediately went down on little man's bike and proceeded to slide across the cement on my ass.  The kids got great joy out of this and little man was laughing his ass off, saying "Daddy you left a big black spot on the ground, hahahahahahah!!!"
Note to self:  I gotta get the boy a free spinning crank as soon as possible.