Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Packing Up and Headin' Home

This was the last evenening and morning at the BMR with a random photo or two thrown in.  These will probably the final pictures I will post from this event.  

This was a 2-3 a.m. jam session we had Saturday night before we left.  I think there were about 5-6 of us still up singing the blues, slapping knees, snapping fingers, and whistling with the Harmonica.  It made for a long day the next day for the trip home, but I left knowing I squeezed every second out of this trip I could.
Larry and Ian packing up and getting ready to roll down the highway.

Campsite looking the cleanest it looked all weekend.

Ian's righteous ironhead.  This bike is freakin' awesome.  It gave him a few headaches on the way up, but nothing he couldn't handle and it treated it him well on the ride home.  Metaphorically speaking, this bike was like a good woman, fussed a little bit, but then backed off and just enjoyed the ride.

Kustom Jeff's bike loaded up and ready to hit the open road.  The bike and the rider were kickass.  If it weren't for Kustom Jeff, I probably would have ended up doing the ride to Reliance, TN by myself. 
Thanks Jeff, you ROCK!

Another shot of Kustom Jeff's bike loaded down in the foreground with Bill and Ian the background discussing the finer points of camping and moonshine. 

Bill's XS 650 ready to takeoff.  I should have taken packing lessons from this guy.  This bike took away the best metric award at the BMR show and well deserved it. 

 This bike is pure CLASS as is the man who rides it.

Ryan's carnage he loaded up Sunday morning for an air conditioned ride home.  I met this guy at the Dixie Roundup and he told me about building this bike for less $300 and from parts a friend of his had laying around. I was super stoked when he showed up for the ride to BMR.  He's just one of those dudes that is always in a good mood, laughing, and ready to have a good time.  This back tire was purchased brand new on Wednesday, one day before he left for TN. 

Just a few last reptile shenanigans before we hit the road home.

Gassin' up and hitting the road. 

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  1. AJ, it was great having you along. I'm glad we hooked up on Chop Cult and made the arrangements for you to get a chance to sleep over at Chateau deGarageVan ;-) I'm looking froward to the next big adventure!