Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Day 9 CB750 Progress Engine Removal Made Easy

Well, I didn't get a lot done last night.  My back hurts so bad there wasn't much I wanted to do.  I did however get the motor out relatively easy after discovering the frame rail was removeable yesterday morning.  It took about 5 minutes and was relatively simple with the assistance of a motorcycle jack.  

 By placing the two small blocks of wood under the oil filter area the motor remained completely level and slid out with no problem at all.  After knowing it would slide out, I threw two straps on to secure it to the jack, and out she came.

 Below is a decent shot of the frame with removeable frame rail unconnected and laying next to the bike and motor. I'm still concerned I may of tweaked the frame a little bit because when I put the rail back on there was a small gap in the downtube.  I will have to figure out how to remedy this.

 My helper is proud of our accomplishment for the day.  We decided this was enough for the day.

 Below, engine removed, and frame rail back on.


  1. Handsome little helper you got there, I bet he works for popsicles! Nice blog AJ, ya'lls camping spot looks killer. Might have to come check that out when the weather cools off a little.

  2. Thanks, Bill. The camping spot is at Dismals Canyon in north AL. We should do a trip in the fall. There's some decent riding around there and the canoe run and canyon are awesome. The towns there got pretty much wiped off the planet from tornadoes so any extra business those folks get they are super grateful for.