Friday, June 17, 2011

Patriot Guard...THANK YOU!

So this is what is going on today outside the office. Thanks go out to these guys (Patriot Guard) for doing what they do and to all our service men and women for all the sacrifices they make. It saddens me and pisses me off though that such acts are needed at the memorial services of a fallen soldier in this country. I just got done eating lunch with my 9 year old daughter who inquired about all the motorcycles in my work parking lot. She wanted to know if they showed up to tell the family, "It's going to be o.k., and he's going to heaven." I told her ALL our soldiers go the heaven and as I finished explaining the situation to her, she pauses and says in an emotional young girls voice, "Daddy it's not very nice for people to show up and say ugly things about our soldiers...But (after a brief pause)...Thank God there are people who ride motorcycles that won't put up with that CRAP!"

The conversation was emotional for her and myself and brings tears almost out of my eyes as I write this. She knows and understands the sacrifices our soldiers make because we discuss it. A member of her family HAS fought and IS still fighting every war since WWII. My grandfather who is a WWII vet is still alive and with us today. This carries through both sides of her family on mine and her mothers.

U.S. Army Sgt. Christopher Bell, may your heart be at ease, and may your family have peace.
The article from today's local paper for those interested.

Top photo courtesy of Luisa Porter. 

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