Thursday, June 9, 2011

Day 3 1980 Honda CB750C cafe project

Took about two minutes to pull the carbs and airbox out last night.  Got the battery tray out, all the wiring is ready to come out (trying to take my time with this), and got all the lights and various items on the front end off. 

I just can't wait to tear into these and have fun rebuilding them. (Insert whatever bullshit SARCASTIC emoticon goes here please.)

A little before shot of the clunky, jumbled up mess of a front end.

After, starting to look a little cleaner.  I'm going to do my best at simplifying the wiring.

I kind of like how the bars bend down.  I may end up making something like this instead of doing clip-on's.  This will save me a few dollars as well.

Bruton coozie in action.  I met this guy at the Dixie Roundup in Birmingham.  His shop is next door to Garage Company Customs.  The guy was super nice and his shop was super cool with lots of neat bikes.  You can find more information about him and his shop through these two links.

If anyone wants to send stickers, I got places to put them.  Drop me a line and I will tell you how to get them here.

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