Friday, July 1, 2011

CB750 - Frame paint is done

All the unnescessary tabs and mounts have been cut and ground off and the frame, center / side stands, swingarm, and trees have all been painted.  I took some 2,000 grit sandpaper to the fork tubes and got all of the grime, grease, rust, and shit off and now their all polished and shiny.  I'm still going to paint the lowers a high gloss black and want to do the wheels the same.  I'm ready to get this beast road ready again and can almost taste it.  Rebuild the carbs next week and I'll be real close to hearing it run again.

Below are two snapshots of the condition is what in before sanding and painting.  Now it looks like it done got a MOfessional paint job.  It looks real puuuurrrddddyyyy in person!

Well, it's off to the Sandy Beach to celebrate the 4th. Hope everybody has a good one and be safe. Keep your eyes peeled out for those asshats not paying attention to bikes on the road too!

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