Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Snapshots and Snippets from the recent

Just a few random shots of life from the past month or so 
with some short dialogue for anyone who cares.  

Half Off, why not, old man wouldn't come off his, so I got my own.  It will be great once lil' man starts hitting up the MX tracks and we have to start carrying tools.  Plus it got all the spares out of my stack on.  

It rained for what like seemed forever.  I guess the Beers, Bikes, and Guns all have 
to be operated indoors after several days of flooding rain.  

Some of you know this guy and I'm not telling you who it is if you don't know.  No, it is not me, it's about a decade old if I remember right.  Soon, thanks to this guy, he's going to help post up some of the raddest late sixties chopper lifestyle photos and stories that could be had.  He's shared some but I'm waiting to post them until my computer and his words can do them the appropriate justice.  

BDub showed up. 
Just making sure his rubber stayed on, or something like that.  LMAO.  
Ramping puppies and CBT Life Forever. 

Tucked in after another night out howlin' at the moon. 

Swung by the old Mayor's Mansion after I got BDub off the side of the highway.  
He almost rode with another "brother", who got a flat in the exact same spot as him within 3 minutes.  This highway "brother" decides though that he's going to ride on the back of a flat trailer with no ratchet straps on his bike.  The flat occurred on the other side of Tuscaloosa on the Interstate.  He said the dude rolled his bike on the trailer that came and got him and started putting his helmet on and BDub yelled, "hey homie, you may wanna put that scoot in gear so it don't roll off."  Dude's response, "mang, das..da...bessss...idea I dun hurrrd all daaaayyyy....thanks brudda," and then he rolled off down the interstate on the back of an open trailer.  What an awesome story.  

I'm still playing around with this project and it's making 
slooooowwwwww progress, but progress none the less. 
Thanks to my buddy Luke for the trade on the sweet risers too.  
They may end up on the EVO once i get a longer clutch cable.  
The one I have on there right now is stretched to max.  

"How high's the water, Mama?
Five feet high and risin'
How high's the water, Papa?
She said, 'Its' five feet high and risin'"

"Well, the rails are washed out north of town
We gotta head for higher ground
We can't come back till the water goes down
Five feet high and risin'
Well it's five feet high and risin'"

Me and some buddies built my lil' man a choppy bike out of a Huffy.
CTFH!  It's 7 feet 2 inches long.  

First ride was a success.  It took him 3 tries until he figured out how the turning radius worked but after that he was like an old grey beard cruising down the open highway on a stretched and raked Panhead.  

It was literally 75 degrees the Saturday before this and everyone was riding bikes 
in short sleeves in January.  Four days later it was freezing cold, 
snowing and school was canceled.  Crazy weather.  

Took a shovel with us on this particular trip and made a little bump for him to start getting comfortable getting some air.  By the time this photo was taken he had knocked it down pretty good.  This was at the end of the day.  Hopefully within the next year, we will have saved enough scratch together to get him into a CRF or KTM and get some real track time in.  

Little man just learning lessons.  Riding with the big boys will tear your bike up.  But he worked it out the following day and helped clean his intake and got reinforced on lessons he has already learned.  Even if he doesn't remember next time, we still spent time together and that's the most important thing. 

Jeff Wright hooked it up once again, so the new carry along tool box will 
start out with some appropriate labeling.  

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Winter Sucks

No, I haven't completely given up on this blog.  I just need to slow down and get some computer issues resolved. This hasn't been real high on the priority list either since all 3 of my cars decided to unleash motionless problems all within a 3 day period.  Two are back strong and the third will be this week.  Once I sort out the computer issues, I can sort and edit photos and tell stories of riding my bike with a frozen seat and a frozen helmet and how awesome summer is and how much winter sucks!  

It also appears like many others that Instagram has become the new daily wake up routine to all things cool kid chopperific and blog posts are dwindling down.  I'll say this much about all that, I started doing this blog just for my own outlet and will continue to do so.  It's cool that others check it out and some even like it, but mostly it's just an online scrap book of sorts and I like going back and seeing the evolution of it and checking out old photos periodically. Nothing more, nothing less, for me anyhow. 

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Excuse the delay...

I've been living, making memories, my laptop just ain't jiving and I haven't slowed down to clean it up.  I will resume the regular posts and meaningless diatribe shortly.  Until then, carry on, raise hell, and get out and ride your bikes.  Ride 'em, don't hide 'em. 

Here's some shots of some random adventures, antics, trips, and storytelling in no particular order.

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Big wheel keep on turnin'...

"This is the way we do "Proud Mary"

I left a good job in the city
Working for the man night and day
And I never lost one minute of sleeping
Worrying bout the way things might have been

Big wheel keep on turning
Proud Mary keep on burnin"

They spin now.  They need some more attention, but until I get a few more pieces just "One piece at a time" well, it'll have to do for now.  

Johnny Cash said it best..."One piece at a time"

 Some excerpts from one of my all time favorite songs...

"One day I devised myself a plan...
I'd get it one piece at a time....
And it wouldn't cost me a dime...
With my big lunch box and with help from my friends...
And with a little bit of help from an A-daptor kit...

I got it one piece at a time
And it didn't cost me a dime
You'll know it's me when I come through your town
I'm gonna ride around in style
I'm gonna drive everybody wild
'Cause I'll have the only one there is around

Ha, you might just say I went on up to the factory and picked it up!"