Monday, February 27, 2012

Start 'em Young...and a Great Birthday

I got to take little man around the neighborhood for some warm weather action on the back of the '96. He couldn't really ride on the back of the yamaha to much and that was the first thing he asked when he saw this one roll in the Moto Panic Garage.  "Daddy, it's got a sissy bar, that means I can ride right?"  I promised him a ride and it just so happened my buddy Josh was around on his scooter when I took lil' man for the short jaunt and next thing was when I looked over I saw him snapping pics with his cell phone.  I sure am glad he did because having times like this documented are absolutely priceless.  Appreciate it brother.

Although I put on a slimmer seat that my homie Luke offered up to me, lil' man's feet were still just shy of hitting the rear pegs just right.  The rule for him has been, no open roads unless you can sit firmly on the seat with both feet planted securely on the rear pegs and have a sissy bar.  I got some 10.5" shocks going on tonight and I believe that should remedy the situation and he'll be able to cruise to some short locations around the area we live on his first open road motorcycle cruise.  

This was probably one of the best birthday weekends ever.  Over the period of the last 4 days, I got to spend a lot of time riding my bikes in beautiful weather, became the owner of a Harley Davidson, hung out with my family, and celebrated with friends.  It required less sleep, but oh well, we'll sleep when we die.

Oh yeah and for the folks out there who I told that when I bought this bike that I would pull wheelies with it within the first week.  Make sure to ask Josh if I'm a liar.  The bike will definitely pull wheelies.  That was another successful accomplishment of the awesome Bday weekend.

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