Friday, February 24, 2012

New Whip - Happy Birthday To Me!

Here's a lil' sneaky peaky at the new whip I rewarded myself with for being born. 
1996 1200 XL less than 10k on the clock.  Super clean, got it for a song.
 Rode it home, got there about 9, went and blasted around until 2 a.m. Yes sir! 


  1. Why on earth would you buy a girl's bike? haha

  2. Congrats buddy...what are your plans with it? Chopping?

  3. Aj got a bike and i celebrated for him! Happy for ya man!


  4. Re: Mike - to fit in with the rest of you crackers I guess, ha!

    Re: Big Pink - Slow progression. It will get lightened up first, trimmed, down to basics, have a little of my style, and maybe chop the frame next year.

    Re: Luke - And you did a damn fine job of it if I might add. Proud to call you a friend.