Thursday, February 23, 2012

Americana Speed Shop

I met this dude on the BMR trip last year.  He was one of the first dudes I met as I peeled my eyes open inside of a crusty GARCO van and unwrapped myself from a packing blanket that smelled like dog piss and hopelessly shook the cobwebs from my brain and bear shit from my mouth.  As I stumbled out, I meet a guy named Ian and 30 minutes later we're blasting down the road with about 10-12 other dudes on choppers.  Little did I know what kind of experience I was embarking on.  One of the highlights of this trip was meeting folks like him and spending time on the side of the road.   

 Since this time Ian has been honing his craft of leather working and in my opinion is becoming a fine tradesman.  Check out his blog at and if you want any leather goods give this man a shot.  My buddies have ordered things from him and have been super stoked, but I just received a little treasure in the mail last week and want to send out a big THANK YOU!  

Bike and Tacos Bitches.

It's coincidence my birthday is this weekend and this just tops it off that I have somewhere Classy to put that $25 my mom gives me every year in now.  And, speaking of class, make sure to check out the write up that was done in Show Class magazine issue 5 on Americana Speed Shop.

Some of his latest work for another one of the best dudes around, my homie Chopper Ed.

Ian can make you whatever you need, Saddlebags, Fuel Slings, Wallets, Koozies, Flask Holders, you name it.  So go check him out, give him a holler, and there is always a link on the right to get there if 'ya need it.

I'll leave you with this parting shot of how what his Ironhead from the top evolved into.  A badass motherfuckin' ride if I say so myself.  Props on the ride and the work brother!

Can't wait for my busy season to end and spend some time blastin' down the road with you again homie!


  1. Ian is one of the best people I know. Makes me proud to call him Brother!

  2. Thanks AJ (and Jeff), that trip last year to BMR was a blessing to me in so many ways. Look forward to more good times with my brothers. See you soon!