Saturday, February 11, 2012

A Quiet Relationship - Man and Machine

Sometimes I do this.  I just walk out to the shop, have a seat, a frosty beverage, a smoke and contemplate.  The solitude and introsprective thoughts of just me and my personal freedom machine.  The relationship is like that of a best friend in which words don't have to be spoken and you already know what the other is thinking.  Yeah, maybe you haven't seen them in a while and when you first come in contact, of course the obligatory howdy doo's are in order, but after that, it's back to comfortable silence and all it takes is a glance to know what's about to happen or how the other is feeling.  

Sometimes you sense the pride the other is permeating through their attitude and immediately think, "hey let's get out and celebrate old friend", and you take the curvy Autumn leaf covered asphalt cruise at a pace that makes you both happy and not uncomfortable.  Other times, without a word you sense the anxiety and acknowledge that although you're feeling great, maybe your companion needs rest and to be massaged; refreshed with some 40 weight, greased in the places that need it, and wiped from the others where it don't belong.  Lessons like these are an evolution of the conscious in which you consider more than just yourself, because if you don' will get hurt.  Don't ever go down because of self-righteousness, go down because you really wanted that little extra bit of adrenaline and wanted to live life to the fullest.  You know just like our friend Hunter said, "Shot out of a cannon, not squeezed out of a tube."

It's time for a new 'machine friend' to be welcomed into the family.  I have anticipations of another long nurturing friendship with mutual respect just as my faithful and always transitioning 650 has given me.  I look forward to making the new machine an ultra reliable "All Business" machine simulation of the thoughts that consume this two-wheeled addictive mental state of mine.  So here I go into the adaptive high level stimulation of goal setting, cost obstacle customization of an American V-Twin.  

Stay Tuned!         

These photos above are me working on the 650 that has given me more enjoyment than I care to take the time to write about right now, but this is what I'm talking about.  Take the time to care for you machines and they will treat you with respect as well.  The diagnostic for interpersonal relationships have such similar characteristics that it is almost surreal.  A relationship with a machine, who would of thought it. It's like telling a person you're not going to be able to see them as much for whatever the reason may be. Weird!

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