Tuesday, February 14, 2012

For LT and his love of Quad Cam Freedom Machines

Here ya' go buddy.  Stolen off the interwebz for our personal enjoyment. 

For everyone else, comment and let me know if you wanna see some stuff.  Only a few ever do, but this could get a whole lot more interesting with some feedback.  The blog is really just so I can put some thoughts down every once in a while, document some travels and moments with people in my life, but please feel free to click "Follow" and come along for the ride if you want.  I mean for Fuck's sake it's on the internet, it ain't no secret and if you want me to put some stuff up or want to let me know I'm slacking, well do it.  Motivation is good in various forms. 

Again, if these are your bikes, I think they are fine examples of custom QC's, but if for whatever reason you want 'em removed, the images aren't mine so drop a line and it's done.  Much respect goes out to the machines above.