Thursday, February 2, 2012

The New Harley Buzz...

The new additions have been all the buzz today.  Here's my thoughts if anyone gives a shit......

My opinion is the new 72 is just another over priced Sportster.  For the most part, I actually like the design of the new Sportsters. They run phenomenal, handle great, and are a super enjoyable ride, but who in the hell can justify going and throwing down $11,000 for a new Sporty.  Conclusion: Bike - thumbs up; Price - another big FU HD Thumbs Fucking Down.   

So, onto the Slim.  I mean c'mon, really, WTF is up with the oxymoronic name? I just don't get it.  This is a Beast.  I guess it's like calling the fattest motherfucker that lives in every small town in the south, "Tiny."  We do it because it's funny.  I digress, the bike has some decent styling cues as it flows nicely from the handlebars down into the saddle and over the clean lines of the rear fender.  Throw the front fender in the garbage or use it as a rear fender on a real chopper.  The handlebars are cool, but again it's just another overpriced HD selling for a cool $16,000.  Conclusion : Bike - Half a thumbs up; Price - well another big FU HD two fucking thumbs down.

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