Saturday, March 3, 2012

Stock Bikes Suck

So here lately I've been finding myself working 12 hour days, sometimes longer, then coming home and doing one handed laps around the garage until 1:30 a.m. in the morning.  The other hand is for holding cold beer of course if you were wondering.  And then, it's back up at 6 a.m. to go back to work. Why would a man function with such sleep deprevity, you ask?  Well, to ride a bitchin' motorcycle, that's why!  

It seems the more beer I drink, the more parts keep falling off and onto the table.  All I'm going for here for this first season of this bike's tenure as mine, is a super clean, super light, great handling, wheelie pulling, curb jumping monster.  I want a tight and light full suspension All Business Machine.  Head Light, Tail Light, Go Fast, Stop Fast, Functional Shocks that can take a beating front and back, super slim homemade seat, and relocate a few things. These pics don't show it, but the switches are eliminated, and the harness is being remade. Coil isn't sitting stagnant either. Just saying.  

One more week of sleepness nights and it should have some new bars, be rewired, re-assembled, and only need a new set of shoes before it will be ready for this pilot to take command of this beast on the asphalt. 

My 5 year old little man, wants to know why daddy has been stripping parts continuously from his motorcycle.  I can see the anxiety in his eyes when he ask with such confusion because the excitement he once had of riding on back with his "deddy" down to the lake on a real deal "harley dabison" is now lost in the translation of full on customization.  All I can do, is tell him like my homie Josh showed him.  The writing is on the wall (literally) son, "Stock Bikes Suck," and  assure him that it will be better than it once was.   


  1. Ha! Maybe one day. Right now, Two Over wheelie machine. Congrats by the way on the addition to your family. I saw one of your co-workers this weekend and he gave me the news. That Ironhead looks like it is coming along nicely.