Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Inspiration 4 my buddy MC

A little inspiration for ya buddy.  Get 'er done so we can roll down the road.

 Below is my buddy Mike's Ironhead chopper he's building, frame and all.  Stop sitting on buckets and rockin' babies and get that long summabitch hummin' down the highway homie.  


  1. Sitting on buckets is where the real magic happens!

    1. They use to make Rail Road buckets in the shape of cones just so the guys wouldn't sit on them. I think I'm gonna have to swap you some cone shaped buckets for yours so you'll finish.

      I'd offer to help, but about all I can offer is to come stand and drink beer and supervise until your done welding shit. My skills include supervising, drinking beer, wiring, cutting, grinding, holding shit, talking shit, heating and bending shit, assembly when some is required, and drinking beer. Definitely not welding.

      Now that I think of it, I may need to pick up some of them cone shaped buckets for Luke to.

  2. Hey, i've been productive as hell today, cuz!