Tuesday, March 27, 2012

LT's putting in work...

Stopped by LT's.  Process is being made.  I drank his beer,got fed, and did burnouts in the yard. Jumping the ditch crossed the mind.  Fun times.  We got a frontend on, shortened some bars, and did a "quarter ass job" of mounting a front wheel.  Scooter should be wobbling down the road in a week or so. 

Hurry up buddy, so we can jump railroad tracks and camp in Barbie tents made for four year-olds.

Just think buddy, a few weeks ago, you had a rusty frame and a motor on the floor.  
(These two below came from when I came and robbed that seat if your wonderin'. Ha!)

Lessons of the night: Bugs in the Spring in the South are like Hail Stones in January,  Bandannas and rear brakes don't mix well on the highway, Reserves on fuel tanks are good.  


  1. Its probably the most kick ass tent ever. Youre just jealous!


    1. I am, you're right. I mean it even folds itself up during the middle of the night. Ha!