Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Hittin' Switches on 96 XL 1200

Did a little composition.  Doing shit by hand takes time, that's for sure.

Gonna use a little 1/4" Aluminum scrap to fabricate the mount.

Popsicle Mirrors, Ha! I finally found a use for them.  I think I'll keep them though, may hang one off the side of my helmet or something like the real bikers do.  Just kidding.  They are MoCo mirrors though which is cool.

Tools and required accessories for late night customization.  

And well maybe this is somewhere along the lines of what might happen.  At first it started as an idea of making an aluminum bracket to mount a hi-lo beam switch somewhere easy to reach and slip under the chrome cover for the top trees.  Then I thought maybe I just may look for a smaller marine grade momentary key switch than what is shown and put them both up there.  This would just leave fabricating the coil mount left to do for now and cleaning the wiring up with solder and heat shrink.  

Any ideas or feedback on this little idea is welcome.  I'll keep 'ya posted.   

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