Friday, October 7, 2011

My Lil' Man is getting older......

My little man is about to turn five this weekend. He's my buddy, my best friend, my helper, and the only one who can misplace my tools, lose them and still get away with it (kind of, lessons have been learned). He built his first BMX shortly after he turned four years old. It's been power slides, wheelies, and small ramps ever since. Now he helps kids in the neighborhood that are 7,8,and 9 years old remove stuff from their bikes (unnecessary junk), and put their chains back on without any help from me.  He doesn't know it yet but he's getting a new BMX bike today for his Bday before I take off to Barber's tomorrow. Spiderman Inflatable Jumpers, Halloween Decorations, and BMX, it's gonna be awesome. 

Anyhow, the little guy loves it whenever new magazines show up at the house and is continuously intrigued by the various bikes that grace the pages of Street Chopper, Cycle Source, The Horse, etc. You get questions like "So daddy, das a Shubble Head, right deddy?" Others are "Deddy, wise dat girl trying to ride dat bike in her bikini, das funny ain’t it deddy?" His childish accent, baby like ways, and pure innocence are fading fast if not gone now, and I miss them. However I do look forward to his growth as a young man, and helping him find his passions and making them flourish, whatever they may be. I've never pushed him in any direction, but for whatever reason, my blood and passion for everything two wheels pumps fierce through his veins, and for that I am grateful. I started spinning pedals at two, him at three - four, we’re a lot alike, and I love this kid more than the world. Happy Birthday buddy!

He does this on his own. I just happen to catch the moment sometimes.

Below: Some of you may recognize this one that caught his interest.

Below: First bike, putting new tubes and tires on after paint.

Prepped for paint.

Pullin' tape. Tedious, but has to be done.

He was stoked about putting it all back together.

Immediately after being finished with his first bike, and took off riding like a champ.

He doesn't have to build the new one and he's finally going to get his "Big Boy" BMX that he's been asking for.

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