Thursday, October 13, 2011

Barber Vintage Motor Sports Festival Trip (the final episode)

These are a couple cruise shots from our ride to Barbers and of some Mississippi Boy's bike cup holders. They can hold several cups at one time!

I only took a few shots while meandering the swap meet area, so here they go: 

Below: Michael Lewis’ buddy from Violent Choppers buddy’s late night artistic ventures on his rear fender. I was diggin’ it and it helped strike up a conversation with a couple cool dudes. It was nice to meet you all. He’s going to repaint it apparently, but hell; I liked it like it was. I do similiar shit late at night. 

Below: Michael’s (Violent Choppers) redicululously detailed Shovel he rode on the Long Road to the Smokeout. This picture doesn’t do it justice. Check out the Horse and see some decent pics. This bike is phenomenal. 

So we had a good day, met a lot of nice people and saw a bunch of cool shit. Then it was time to camp and tell bedtime stories to each other. To facilitate this, a ride to obtain delicious varietals of liquid truth serum was required. Strapping the truth serum to choppers is as easy pie with Chopper Ed around. 

Dude below ain't got nothing on Chopper Ed!

In addition to Chopper Ed’s, we loaded down two more just to ensure nobody went without. My mom always told me, “Better to have too much than not enough!” 

We got back and saw this famous guy and someone I consider an all around great dude and a friend, none other than the world famous Kustom Jeff from the “What I See” Blog, making sure he saw it. This dude rocks. Go to his blog, and BUY his shirts so he can finish up his Flyrite Sporty! 

From this point forward I put the camera up and enjoyed myself, woke up early, shared a breakfast with some friends, and boogied home like a couple wild men runnin’ from an angry ghost in Alabama. The trip was awesome, but to quick, and I’m ready for another. I wanna send out a thank you to some of the BDAC crew, Shop 102, and to Spenser from Garage Company Customs for the stickers. They’ve already been put to use. I hope to see some of you crackers again soon!


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