Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Barber Vintage Motor Sports Festival Trip...

This is how the trip starts, I had just finished double checking the bike at about 2:30 a.m. after cleaning up from the lil’ man’s birthday party. 

My traveling partner thumped on into the neighborhood on his rigid sportster a little before 8 a.m. just as planned. I awoke from my deep slumber to the sound of sweet exhaust notes and a plan was finalized. One of the best things about this trip was getting to log some miles with a new friend on the trip over on a glorious Fall Saturday in the Southeast. We knew that we wouldn’t have a lot of time to soak up the Barber Vintage experience, so we both agreed on taking our time traveling over by avoiding all interstate, and riding back country highways and county roads over. This was the best decision ever! The weather was the epitome of perfect Fall weather, the roads were just as inviting and included some nice scenic delights along the way. No major mishaps occurred, no bike malfunctions, and fortunately for the entire trip we were only forced to stop twice while traveling to readjust our packing situations. (If not for the teachings of Chopper Ed, this probably would have been a more common occurrence, thanks brother!) The second stop was for me (with no pics) on the way home, and the first was my buddy’s loss of a sleeping bag on the way up. It couldn’t have happened at a better place and was quickly remedied. 

Once we enjoyed the scenery, tightened everything up, we saddled back up for the rest of the cruise through the delightfully curvy and sweet forested Alabama back country roads. The following are some riding shots from the cruise. 

After some nice cruising, we got close to our Vintage destination (pit stop in Helena) and decided concurrently that some behind the store MFQ’s (mother F’n Quarts) were in order, and a little grub in our bellies. Fortunately, located next to the convenience store a very nice lady had a little shop selling down home cooking and desserts. It was true “southern belle” catering at its finest. 

While gassing up we met a young chap who was riding a damn nice sporty but all he wanted was a “Real Bike.” Nice kid with some good knowledge. Keep it on two wheels youngun’! 

We made sure to stay away from these guys, there usually party poopers! 

Once we finished our MFQ’s and got our bellies happy, and avoided the PORK dessert, we eased on and picked up some hydration that would be needed for the setup of our tents before checking out the Swap Meet and meeting up with our fellow campers from B’ham. THANKS again guys for giving us some space to pitch our tents. It was a pleasure and a blast getting to hang with you guys again. You know who you are! 


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