Thursday, October 20, 2011

Standin' in High Cotton and Pickin' Kuntry Pumpkins....

Great past weekend, spent hanging with the chillun's and being a Dad!

 Lil' man and Sis having a ball in the cotton wagon.

Lil' man being a gentleman to a little girl and making sure she's o.k.

~T trying to decide on how to empty my wallet!

Pumpkin heads!

He's studying on how we can pull the whole trailer home.

He's upset the truck didn't have a hitch to pull the trailer home with. 

Back to smiling.

Me and the lil' guy went wildflower pickin' for his Mom and his Sissy!  We put our boots on, took a little hike through a pasture with some wire snips, had some good talks about snakes, bikes, and women and how to keep 'em all happy.

Girls love it when their boys walk up out of the blue with fresh flowers. We picked enough for two of these arrangements.  One for each lady of our house!

 ~T got a shot of the front of the new homestead with her freshly picked wildflower arrangement.

We constantly Honor and Remember out our house.  It doesn't just fly on holidays!

Just doin' a lil' ponderin'!

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