Thursday, November 18, 2010


Sometimes shit breaks and you got to fix it.  ~T has been trying to do a bunch of paintings to make some extra coin and all the paintings are done on scrap wood, plywood, secondhand materials, etc.  Well, we use the jigsaw to cut the materials for the paintings and it took a shit while we were making her X-Mas ornaments for her to hand paint and sell.  Necessity is the mother of all inventions and teaches us some of the most valuable lessons learned.  This time nescessity taught me how to fix a saw. 

 This was the culprit. (Above) This is what broke. It holds the blade in place by supporting and holding the guard which has a stabilizer for the bottom of the blade.  (Below)  The broke piece and the new part.
(Below) Saw opened up with the blade assembly removed.
 (Below) Blade Assembly removed and clamped in.
 (Below) Blade assembly 'opened up'
 (Below) Just had to take the o-ring off the old part, put it on the new one, and reassemble. 
"Hmmm...Now where did all this shit go again." 
 And finito.  It Works.  Back to work now sucka'.

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