Friday, November 19, 2010

My boy...

So the other night I need to catch some fresh air and decided to go ponder over some magazines at the local BAM.  I scroll through, no Horse, but the new Cycle Source is out and the cover is graced by Garage Co. Customs from Pelham, AL.  "Cool," I think to myslef, "these cats from the South are doing the damn thing."  Under the arm the CS goes, I stroll through and notice that Tucker Max (author I Hope They Serve Beer in Hell) has published the sequel called Assholes Finish First.  No book has made me laugh out loud like his first, so now I'm stoked, I got great bathroom book and bike shit to look at. 

Well, when I get home I plop down on the couch (no T.V.) and start reading Max's book.  Immediately I'm hooked and I'm giggling.  My lil' man who is four is chilling beside me wanting to talk.  Daddy didn't want to talk so I give him the new Cycle Source that I haven't even really flipped through yet.  First words from him are, "Dedddy das not a harley dabison."  No son, you're right it's not.  So he's flipping and he sees a shovelhead.  He wants to know if it's a "harley dabison."  "Yeah, son it is, but really you call that a shovelhead."   Now he's confused.  "What about this one deddddy"  I proceed to tell him how he can focus on the motor, explain the shape of the heads, v-twins, inlines, etc.  Now that he's all set with the maximum amount of motorcycle engine knowledge that a four old boy's attention span can handle, he quietly sits beside me slowly flipping through the pages of the magazine.  Five minutes of peaceful, quiet reading later I hear, "Deddddy."  "Yes, son."  "Dis one's not a shubbbhead,  iss a Panhead, ain't it dedddy."  Son you are absolutely, 100% correct and you just made your daddy's night.

I celebrated the moment with him with big high fives, a kiss on the forehead, and told him I loved him.  Raising children isn't always easy, glamorous, or fun.  Sometimes it' downright stressful and hard to manage, but it's the little moments like this that make you really realize how special they are and how just a little bit of time with them can make your world and theirs a whole lot better.


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