Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Monoshock rear fender mount for Yamaha VStar 650 bobber

Should have taken more pics of the fabrication process, but the camera battery went MIA for a little while, so that was a no go, but you can get the idea.  12ga. steel with another 12 ga. steel backer plate and a lip that folds under the fender and front bracket.  I will take some pics of the whole assembly when I break it down for paint.

This is also a pic of the two turn signal brackets that I made because ~T demanded that I have turn signals.  They light up pretty good and make the ass end of the bike look like smile face at night.  They mount under the seat pan and can only be seen from behind.


  1. Nice, this is just what I was looking fore. I was wondering, do you have measurements on how much fender to cut?

    Thanks, Roach

  2. I just cut it right in front of the fork indentations. The other half still has them. I hope this helps.

  3. Yup It sure Does... As far as the Bracket go's. It is a 12gage. But How was the Bracket made? Im thinking you just cut it out flat then bend and heat? Possible to help me out with the design and sizes... If possible to email it to me at roechum1@yahoo.com. I was thinking of using the same idea but with the rear fender mounted the same way. To have the low profile look. i know additional side mounts are going to be needed for support of the fenders weight. Thanks, Roach

  4. I didn't really do a whole lot in the way of design. I basically did it as you described. I made a template out of cardboard after I took some measurements. I traced it on a flat piece of 12ga. sheet and cut it out with a cutting wheel. I didn't even heat it to bend it. I just clamped it in a vice and hit it with a hammer. I did however make a backer plate with a little curved lip that is under neath the fender for a little extra support. It rode good, but I ended up making some side mounts that come off the swingarm to support a passenger. There are pics somewhere in the blog of how they look.

  5. Thank you. You've been a big help.