Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Baffle Removal from 2005 Honda Shadow 600 VLX

So, my neighbor stopped me the other day and asked about my pipes.  He wanted his bike to sound like mine without purchasing some new pipes.  Really this is wifes bike and that's what she wants but I didn't know this at the time.  I told the fella bring it on up to the house and I will rip the baffles out and you'll have some better sound for the low cost of nothing, maybe an abor extension and a sharp 1 3/4" hole saw ($25).  The finished product sounds much better imho. 
 Below - stock exhaust with baffle in.
 Below- after taking the hole saw to it and baffle still in.  The baffle is loose at this point and if the hole is big enough, it should slip right out which is what it did on the top.
 Below - baffle removed.  One more to go. The bottom pipe is where the shank extension comes in handy on these bikes.
 Below - Undo a couple bolts to get this black exhaust brake loose and it will allow you to reach the bottom pipe with the hole saw and extension with no obstructions. 
 Below - repeat procedure on bottom, pull out pipe, use some channel locks if needed to turn the baffle and slide it out.
 Below - baffles removed. 
 Below - I made this handy little "puller" out of a tent stake.  I sharpened the end to a point with a grinder and used it to pull the bottom baffle out to a point where I could get the channel locks on it.  For some reason it didn't want to slip right out like the top.
Below - the blue bike is the Honda Shadow that the baffles were removed from.

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  1. Thank You This is what I\m going to do to my 1994 Shadow 600 now I know what I need and how to do it Thans again