Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Dixie Roundup Favorites

Here are a couple of my favorite shots from this weekends events.  
Some I like because, to me, they are good photos from someone with no photographic ability, armed with a point and shoot that is falling apart, such as myself, and others are of friends captured in great moments that should be remembered.

Above: The "Sex Panther" 
I've seen a thousand photos of this bike but this was the first chance to see it up close.  It's just a super clean and classy sporty. 

Above: My buddy Ian's Ironhead.  I never get tired of seeing the bike or the owner.  They are both great representatives of what makes kustom bikes cool.  Both have great attitudes.  Ian is an awesome leather craftsmen and has a blog you can contact him through.  Check out Americana Speedshop which is linked over on the right hand side of the page.  His leather workings recently got a feature in Show Class Magazine issue number 5.  Check it out. 

Above: Loved this sticker on the 1940 Indian that belonged to a guy who rides the snot out of it. 

Above: Fellas enjoying themselves and relaxing in the shade before the award ceremony got kicked off. This picture to me kind of represents what these grass roots events are about.  It's mates getting together with folks they have met on their journeys, catching up, sharing stories, ideas, laughs, and meeting new mates to repeat the same, all while letting it revolve around the centrally focused idea of good times and kustom bikes. 

Above: Billy "Goodtimes" and Larry share some laughs during the awards ceremony.  These guys have treated me with nothing but hospitality since I met them and love having a large time.

Above: My buddy Ian a.k.a. "EVO" Ian, wipes the sweat and disbelief from his brow and leans against his brother Ross immediately upon walking off stage after taking his award for Best Bobber which was picked by Dean of Dice Magazine fame and was selected for an upcoming photo feature in Dice Magazine.  Congratulations again buddy, you and your scoot certainly deserve it.  It is one badass chopper.

Above: After the awards, as I rested in my lawn chair in the woods with a cold Sierra Nevada Porter, I noticed that a surreal calm was taking over everything and the light began to spray through the leafy spring foliage into the Alabama hardwood bottom and onto this spectacular Ironhead chopper.  The light glistened and bounced from dust particles in the air from sporadic burnouts by alcohol fueled chopper jockey's, and permeated throughout the dust clouds and became seperated into rays by the oak leaves highlighting certain areas but most of all EVO Ian's Ironhead took center stage in the natural display of shining light.  

A real photographer could have, and probably did, capture some spectacular images during this part of the day.  I can't wait to see some of the photos some of the guys were capturing for their respective magazines and online sources for features and posterity as well.  

Above:  This little cutie getting ready to drop the flag for a couple of Haints brothers getting ready to lay down rubber for pinks during their mock drag race.  Everybody was all smiles and laughs.

Brandon from the Flyin' Shoes blog mounting his mighty four cylinder steed to part with his drag racing brethren.  I don't know this cat, but do know some of his buddies and they're all good people.  This cat does take some amazing photos though and writes well to boot.  Check him out at the Flyin' Shoes blog linked over on the side. 


  1. Great pics! It was so much fun hanging out again. I like hanging out on a porch and just talking to my friends.