Monday, April 30, 2012

Dixie Roundup 2...Photo dump numero uno

Super Fun Event.
Here's a couple shots to get it started.

The ride to Barber was awesome.  Everyone road down some twisties for a few miles and up to the museum.  The ride was led by the one and only Kustom Jeff ( go check his stuff out at the What I See blog).

Some shots from the ride in.

Above: Not a great photo, but gives you an idea of the twisties on the road in and out of the campground.  There were some gnarly 90 degree turns on this road that unfortunately took the lives of 4 people in separate occasions over the last four weeks.  Everybody respected this road.  

Met Loaf at the Roundup who rides this bitchin' Ironhead chopper.  ~T snapped a couple good riding shots of him on the way to Barber.  The bike has a killer stance and the owner rides it with grace.  Nothing beats a dude laid back enjoying his ride all while doing it effortlessly.  

And Finally below: some shots to wet the appetite of what was the Dixie Roundup 2.

Below: A few shots from the 'Top of the Hill' road looking down at the campsites where the late night debauchery and camping took place.  

The hardwood bottom made a great campsite that stayed nice and cool during the day and allowed you to sleep later than normal when camping in the sultry South.  Usually the sunrise when camping in the south turns your tent into a makeshift sweat lodge that unsettles even the most naked of bodies and intoxicated sleepless brains into peeling open eyelids, crawling out of their holes, and stumbling to the nearest tree to hold them up to pee immediately upon day break.  This spot was a nice reprieve from the norm as it allowed you to sleep more, feel better throughout the day, and was a great spot to sit, enjoy the shade and catch up with friends you haven't seen in a while and get a chance to make and talk to new ones.   The guys who showed up from the West Coast, upper Midwest, and Northeast probably didn't have such an appreciation for this little spot as those of us who domicile in that which is the Deep South and understand what it's like to have the depressing humidity filled heat slow you down to a crawl, but rest assure this fella absolutely loved this little gem of a hidden motorcycle only (year round) campground!  

More to follow later.....


  1. Great description of the campground A.J.! It definitely is nice to sleep a little later than first light after the kind of nights we have.

  2. Loaf just looks right riding that beast doesn't he? ;-) It was great seeing you again and I'm glad SOMEONE got some pics of the ride.

  3. Thanks for taking some pics. Good to meet you too. I just started a new blog:
    Check it out and let me know what you think.

  4. Nice sticker...looking good.

    1. Yes Sir! Got it from some cool MOFO's from 'da ATL that like watchin' the sun come up in the mountains next to camp fires. :) Good seeing you again this year.