Sunday, May 6, 2012

Museum Quality

Couple of quickies from Barber's.  That place was majestic.  I definitely will be cruising back over to Birmingham with my little boy and doing a Father / Son afternoon at that place.  It will be something great to do when the temperatures are beating on 100 degrees and the humid air can be sliced with a butter knife. 

Most of the bikes in the museum are fully restored.  This Sunbeam below was one of the exceptions.  The un-restored specimens of motorcycle history were the ones that would really stop me in my tracks and make the grey matter inside of my cranium turn flips.  Just letting the imagination take over as I pondered what type of individual straddled the majestic two wheeled beauty and the adventures, trials, tribulations, that were experienced together would make mind succumb to the historical influence of the machine which was before me.  Pieces such as this really are marvels of engineering and artistic beauty wrapped up into a fine portrait of what I take for granted most days as a mere heart pumping fun mode of transportation.  

Several locations in the museum had some really nice sculptures.  This is one of the few in the museum that we happened to grab a photo of.  Really neat piece that appears to have been made using only motorcycle parts.  

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