Monday, May 14, 2012

And it rained...and rained...and rained...

Saturday was a super wet ride.  6 hours...150 (ish) miles...too many beers to count...All for a good cause!

Above: Mine, Josh's, and my Uncle Steve's lined up and getting dumped on.  Although I'm wishing I wouldn't have laid down over a gas tank worth of miles in the rain with an open breather setup, the memories and the cause were worth it.  Mrs. Holloway was super appreciative and very thankful, thanking everyone personally, when a line of scooters pulled up in the farm after 6 hours in the pouring rain and in no hurry to leave.  If your body wasn't warm at that point, well your heart was!

Above: My Uncle, one of the coolest and best dudes I know.  

Above: My buddy Josh.  Hangin' out makin' mammaries in da rain with me!

Overall, there was a good turnout and even though some people bailed from the ride after the rain started real strong, you can see a lot of them held in until the very end which was another stop after this at a farm in the country. 

Lesson of the day: Open breathers aren't worth a shit for folks who ride their bikes. 
 Mooneyes cover on order!

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