Monday, September 19, 2011

Whiskey Throttle on the VStar

Got the Biltwell Whiskey Throttle on the VStar this weekend.  Pics suck and this is the short version, but here goes.  Went from dual to single throttle cable, need new and longer cable still and brake line, removed housing for starter and kill switch, relocated starter to ultra secret location nobody can see except for people on the internet with binoculars, and still have to remove to switch housing from left side and I'm going to shave an inch off of both sides of the apes.  The throttle works like a greased you know what and I'm super stoked about that.  Waiting on new grips, and in a couple days will throw some pics up of a VStar with some ultra clean handlebar lines. 

Below: Super Secret Location :) Does not interfere with side panel removal at all.  All wires were soldered and heat shrunk.  Should last a lifetime.

Just remove the brake switch wires from the factory harness, solder the kill switch wires together, heat shrink, and then add some length with 14 ga or 16ga. wire to the starter wires, connect to starter button and your bike will crank.  Just that simple.  Kind of.  Continuity is key! At this moment in time I was letting the Force of the Bass Pale Ale guide me in the right direction.

More top secret espionage photography! 

More to come maybe or maybe not. 


  1. Hey mate smooth built,
    Have a couple of questions if you don't mind answering.

    1. With the single cable set up , have you just removed the return cable and made sure everything was lubed.

    2. The biltwell whiskey throttle , did you modify the cable or the ferrels for it too fit ?

    1. I have the same questions- I love the Whiskey Throttle, and want to get rid of all the clunky shit on my bars.