Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Hoping to see some of you Crackers at Barber's...

Hoping I get to run into you guys at Barber's.  We're coming Saturday morning and camping.  See ya'll there I hope!  Later gators. 


  1. We will be there for sure. I'm planning on being there Thursday - Sunday. I will have your helmet and wallet there for you to pick up!

  2. I'm there fool! Can't wait to party with you again. You bringing your lady with you?

  3. @ Bill, I doubt it. It's just going to be me and just a buddy on the scoots. Maybe some other folks will ride with us but I'm only counting on one. Never though, she may decide to run chase, would be nice not having to haul tents on the bike.

    @ Big Pink, Awesome. I can't wait. Ya'll let me know what section you are camping in and I will see if I can't go ahead and reserve a spot in that section.

    For some reason I can't get Blogger to let me reply from my acct. but anyhow, Later gators.


  4. I was asking because mine is wanting to come out for a day and hang out, just curious. Looking forward to it.

  5. I'll be there one way or another... it's possible that my dad will haul his ironhead up from the coast and if that happens we will ride over there early friday and ride back sunday some time. Of course that's all dependent on if the chopper is on the road... Giving it all I've got to get it ready.


  6. I finally got this commenting stuff figured out now.