Friday, September 9, 2011

New Man Cave at the Crib

I have plenty of room now, and don't have to work out of the shed anymore, although I do have a shed here as well.  Nicest place I've ever lived by far. Plenty of room for a few bikes, a car and tools, with room to spare.  This winter is gonna be much nicer than the those in the past.  Almost excited about it.

Get to walk out the door, hang with my buddy Bob, chill, wrench............

flip through old biker rags and whatnot...........and.............

.....enjoy cold beverages from only a few paces away without ever having to go back inside. 

Still getting organized and will get the CB back home this weekend hopefully.  This will be my haven once the shadows get really long and the sun sets before I even leave work.            
It's gonna be a good winter!

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