Monday, August 13, 2012

Some Shots from the Weekend...

It was a pretty good weekend...I got some riding in, got to ride with some friends, the weather was awesome...basically shit was perfect until my main scoot decided to take a dump at the end of it all, but oh well, shit happens and I'll get it fixed.  

My buddy Luke came down and rode the Yamaha out to the river with me and we just shot the bull.  It was a good time just riding in 70 degree early morning weather and getting to catch up with him.  He's been working on his bike lately and is about to get the hot rod in tip top shape just in time for the best time of the year to ride.  I can't wait!!

Neal came by and hung out for a bit.  We tried to ride some but then it came a toad strangler and I turned around, I've had enough riding in the rain for a while and unless it's a must, I'm not doing it just for fun right now.  

Later in the weekend, myself, my buddy Johsh and his friend Keith all rode up to Southhaven / Memphis to meet up with ol' BDub to help escort him part of the way back home towards Alabama since he was riding solo and we were just going to ride motorcycles and drink beer anyways.  We met up at the Southhave HD dealership and they have a pretty cool bar / grill next door called The Fillin' Station.  We sat there for a few hours and had some lunch, half a dozen pitchers, and some good laughs.

Me and Josh had to swing about an hour west to go pick up Keith before heading north to Southhaven.

A shot of Keith's bad ass Maverick.  Just some minor details left, but man this thing sounds so sweet and smooth.  They just don't make 'em like this anymore. 

A dollar for the wall at the Fillin' Station. 

BDub and Josh meeting.  

At the dealer, an "Elvis Panhead."  Not sure what to think about this one, but I took a pic anyways. 

BDub found a helmet for his next big Cross Country adventure. 
 Fits him great, sunburn kind of matches the paint he choose. 

This last shot was courtesy of BDub.  We got about 10 miles out from Southhaven heading East and I had exhaust blowing out from in between my rear head and cylinder like crazy.  I rode it home approximately 200 miles + like this.  Not good, but I think it's about to get remedied.  

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