Monday, August 20, 2012

Brought home a 1970 XLCH and a 1977 Roller

So I went ahead and pulled a couple of scoots out of the weeds and brought them home. One is a 1970 XLCH with engine (a 90% complete bike, I have most of the parts, just not pictured), and the other is a 1977 XLCH roller.  At this point not sure what to do with all of it.  I'm not sure the case on the 1970 can be repaired and would like thoughts and comments on that.  A friend said he could tig the broken tab, but we didn't see the broken bolt hole at the time because it was covered in grease and dirt.  Regardless, I have nearly nothing invested in these scoots and there are some cool parts that I ended up with as well.  Oh yeah, after I got them my buddy Luke's coworker called me and came to look at the CB750 I own and bought it.  That was great news.  Without further ado, here are some photos.  

1970 XLCH:

33.4mm Narrow Glide front end:

Photos of my concerns and worries with the case:

Random photos of some goodies that came home with me:

1977 XLCH Roller, 35mm front end:

Random Garage Shots:  
My ugly mug sitting down piddlin' with the front wheel and getting the caliper unstuck.  

Me and Josh discussing how to solve world hunger or something relevant to what I was doing.

Several of us still trying to troubleshoot Luke's Sporty. We've almost exhausted all our options.

The evening I rolled all this crap in the garage without even spraying it off:

Overall, it was another good weekend spent hanging with some friends playing in the garage and getting some work done.  In regards to my EVO Sporty head gasket repair, the two O-rings I needed should show up in the mail today and I can begin the reassembly.  I'm ready for the wheelie machine to be back on the road.  


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    1. Sorry dude, I got busy that afternoon.

  2. You want to part with that '77 roller? I am getting a '70 basket case engine & I need a frame for it. Let me know man, great score!
    My email is

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