Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Beginning Top End Reassembly and a story to boot...

So, this is my third day to work on this head gasket.  The first day, I took my time disassembling everything and making sure all was in order and basically called it a day.  Yesterday, I did a little cleaning and went to what would be our only Indy shop (really a full time worker who has a shop at his house) and he had the top end gaskets I needed.  Today I’ve cleaned some more and I believe I am ready to reassemble.  That carbon build up is some tough stuff to get off and I am tired of huffing fumes, that’s for sure. 

Here is some updated photos.  Ended up going with James gaskets because between my buddy and the Indy that’s what was immediately available and a lot of people like them.  Opinions seem to be either pay a little more for Cometic or go James. 



New exhaust gaskets. 

My helper for the day, Everybody meet Pilgrim:

Some shots from the Indy, the General Lee shovel is his daily and the ’66 chopper belongs to a friend.  Some ironhead stuff out back as well.

And lastly, my trusty Yamaha. My wife’s car is in the shop, she’s driving the truck which is also having transmission problems, so that leaves me with the Yamaha once again.  It never lets me down and I will never sell this bike.  It gets me through hard times, proposed to my wife on it, and I just love it.  It’s like an Energizer bunny, it just keeps going, and going, and going…

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