Wednesday, July 27, 2011


Sick of working on Carbs.  7 Carbs to rebuild / clean.
Bottom 2 for the Yamaha.  Finished last night.  Will check valve clearances and reinstall carbs tonight.  Second time taking these off in two days. 

One for lil man's  110cc four wheeler.  Started & Finished on Sunday.  Runs better than when we bought it.

And below the Big 4 Bastard Rack of CB Carbs.  2 are cleaned.  Finally got the screws I needed to put them back together yesterday.  Will finish this little project sometime in the next couple days depending on if I can get the Yamaha running.  If it runs tonight, I might just leave and not show back up for a couple days.

I like wrenching on the bikes but I like RIDING them A WHOLE LOT MORE.  Not having a running bike is starting to get irritating.  So is coming home and working in this damn shed from the time I get home until late night and not having a running bike.  FML. 

The upside is atleast my lil guy still thinks I can fix anything because I got his four wheeler running and he's tearing up the trails around the house again while I wrench away.  I guess as long as I'm still a hero in my 4 year old's eyes, life ain't so bad.

Although, if something with two wheels and motor is not running real soon at my house, somebody's E-Bay special Dyna may be getting a Pay Pal deposit.  Just Sayin'. 

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