Friday, May 6, 2011

Roundup People and Awards

~T caught me peeping out these tight metrics. 

Nick, Roadside, and Larry giving away the goods. Gracias amigos.

That cute little girl song a whole song for the bunch of hammer heads in front of her to.  It was awesome. I don't remember what she sang, but it was still awesome. Reminded me of mine at that age.

~T takin' ass shots.  Way to go babe.  You really know how to capture the moment. :)

There she is, microphone in hand, gettin' it done.  Sing on sister!

Ashley hustlin'.  Met her and Larry for the first time.  Super nice folks.  I ended up getting a little buzzy and buying 5 shirts I think.  Hope that helps the beer fund fellas.

A little crowd action.  Everybody in tight for free stuff and to listen to the awards.

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