Friday, May 27, 2011

Big Mountain Run Ride Pics

Just some scenic stuff, all pretty close to the campgrounds.

The next three down are from the Cherahola skyway. Awesome riding around there minus the D-bags on their sport bikes and guys riding baggers way beyond their capabilities.  Sport bikes can be cool as well, but not when assholes streak by your buddies within inches of their bike and then lock the brakes up in front of you.  Just a couple days ago this happened locally when a sport bike passes a buddy of mine on his Softail Custom and then slams it into the back of a 17 year olds F-150 dying on impact.  For fuck's sake, slow down and crawl a little before you run.  Rant Over! Keep the rubber side down though.

Next few down are from a secret magical biker hideout atop the mountain.  You have to put your bike in 4wd to get there, but it's well worth it.  By the looks of things, trespassers will probably be shot and never be seen again if they stumble on the majical biker lookout again next year.

Locked hubs and all for stream crossings.  30 foot rooster tails and smiles all evening long.  This was fun, but the pic didn't come out worth a damn.  Just stickin' it here for 'mammaries' sake.

Gassin' up and headin' out of Dodge.

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