Thursday, May 26, 2011

BMR 2011 - Day 1 and 2

Day 1 was a short (2.5 hr. turned 4 hr.) solo trip to Birmingham to Casa del Garco as pictured below in all it's beauty.  Thank goodness B'ham sells beer to 3 a.m.  This fine resort consisted of a 2:30 a.m. check in time and complimentary lawn chair cushions and a packing blanket that permeated aromas of wet dog and burnt motor oil.  It was basically a warm and fuzzy little biker haven for approximately 4 or 5 hours until checkout time.  Checkout time was at 7 a.m. and concierge services were provided by Spenser and Ed.  Spenser thanks for the Gatorade, that stuff hit the spot in the a.m. Ed was awesome just because he is awesome.
Day 2. First stop somewhere on Hwy 11.  Not sure why, but we thumped locusts and took pics and chatted.  It was nice not worrying about time and just cruising on the bike, stopping, bullshitting, back on, ride, repeat.

Pickett, Ross, and Bill discussing some important shit. I'm pretty sure if they were thinking what I was thinking, it's "when is the first beer stop?"

Spenser grabbing some hugs before we get back on the road and Kustom Jeff and Ryan discussing the finer details of the day like where the first beer stop should be.  Maybe they weren't, but that's what I was thinking.

A bunch of empty choppers, while the riders are putting the 'beat down' on some Wendy's double stacks.  What an awesome view from a Wendy's.  

Spenser and his girl getting reaquainted.  I thought this was a super pic of them and they might want to grab it from here.  She was a super nice gal to.  Thanks for letting me throw some of my junk in your car and not have to carry it on my bike. 

Pickett was excited and happy about something.  Maybe it was just being on his sportster in the mountains.  This dude was super nice and loved to ride the fire out his scoot.  I thought this was a snazzy pic of him as well and he might want it. 

Good shot of Ed, Ross, and Ian at the first overlook on the way up.  All 3 were standup guys and I enjoyed hanging with them very much.  Ed was a bungee cord master and awesome individual, Ross is a phenomenal machininist and can be found at, and Ian is doing some kick ass leather work and can be found at

This last pic sums up the whole weekend.  Big smiles, bikes, and a good time not soon forgotten. 

Thanks again to all you crazy cats from B'ham who let me tag along and help make this trip possible.  Also big thanks to all of who you who put on the non-stop shenanigans that kept me laughing and smiling for 4 days straight.  I got some more pics worth posting and will do so over the next few days or week or as time allows. 

One last pic for the day because I think these two guys with me may want it and because it was awesome.  Me, Bowles, and David decided to ride our bikes throught two creek crossings and up the mountain on some gnarly dirt/rock roads and through a gate to some private overlook based on the recommendation of a local.  The view and opportunity was well worth it.  Thanks for being rad enough to go with me guys!


  1. Great pics! Glad you were able to make the ride up with us!

  2. Gracias amigo. Glad we hooked up before hand and I got to ride with yall. Thanks again for the hospitality.