Thursday, October 21, 2010

Today is declared "Kick Stupid People in the Nutz Day"

I don't know why, but last night I laid in bed thinking how great it would be if we could declare a Kick Stupid People in the Nutz Day or Week for that matter.  I think it would solve a lot of the bull shit problems we have in society and in our nation.  This would work in several ways.  Example: Your boss asks you a really stupid fucking question or one he already knows the answer to.  Well......KICK him the f'n Nutz.  That right.  Don't speak, just respond with the one ton ho size 11 boot placed squarely in the region that can perpetuate and inject more stupidity into society.  The next time he thinks about asking stupid questions or commenting with assenine remarks, he will ponder over the fact that it may result in leather soles coming into contact with his man hood. 

Of course there will be those individuals who can withstand multiple heel to groin face offs.  These individuals will reluctantly over time stop being stupid or atleast saying stupid shit and it will eventually become detrimental to the region as explained above that will perpetuate more stupid individuals.  Most importantly though, Kicking Stupid People in the Nutz will leave you feeling better about helping out your fellow man and give you a sense of relief that you just don't take shit off of stupid people. 

So let it be declared...Stupid People Suck....and should be kicked in the Nutz.

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