Friday, October 8, 2010

Finally start this blog

Finally decided to start this blog thing.  Why not.  So last weekend we decided to take a lil' trip out to Alabama for a bike rally.  Rally was o.k. but the ride in the Fall weather was absolutely bitchin'.  The camping was great.  That's me and a new partner of mine on the right, he rides the 1200 Sporty and the Yamaha bobber belongs to me.  I worked like a maniac after my regular job for two weeks to get that damn fender where the OL could sit on it, hence the two "struts" that ended up going on that swingarm.  Cut the front fender in half, shaped it a bit, and made a bracket out of 12 ga. steel to mount the fender to monoshock bracket and allow the fender to ride up and down with the swingarm.  I'll make a nice lil' sissy bar once the weather cools off, but for now I finally got a new pair of shoes on that lil' Japanese turd and I'm gonna ride the dog shit out of this thing for now. 

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