Tuesday, October 12, 2010


This pic reminds me of the conversation me and J.G. had with my Uncle last night.  J.G. gets into this discussion with him about tightening primary chains and how to remove them.  My Uncle explains the easy way and J.G. politely tells him it can't be done that way.  The rest of the conversation went something like this, "Boy you 'member dat road you drove in...well that hull motherfucka use ta be gravel rock...and I rode dat damn Harley down it for 25 years for day paved it.  I would come home pull that chain with a piece of wire and a fucking string...clean it w/ diesel fuel...blow it out...soak it in motor oil...and let it drip dry.  Don't tell me that fucking chain won't come out of that hole."  J.G. says, "Hmm...well when that sumbitch breaks...guess I know where to come now."

This picture (not mine) tells a story of a man who religously performed this same procedure almost weekly because that damn gravel rock road would cake that damn primary chain and drive chain with dust and dirt.  That was one long ass gravel road to.  I remember it being that way for years when I would go to visit my grandmother, papa, and my uncle steve.  This was back when 45 was still 2-lane all the way from Meridian up to Aberdeen.  Man it seemed like we would never get there back in those days.  Thanks for the memories Steve.

-peace out

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