Monday, March 21, 2011


The OL and I were leaving after visiting with some friends at a local pub for St. Patty’s day.  She needed a night out without kids and it was great night for a ride temp. wise.  I thought I parked in a safe spot, next to a curb in a parking lot, under some low tree branches.  My thinking was that all the cars were parked at least 20 feet or more away and should someone be intoxicated when leaving, then surely they would see the tree and know the curb was there, thus preventing my bike from getting hit.  I don’t like parking at places where people are partying and not being able to get a view of it whenever I feel like it but all the parking up front was taken due to the St. Patty’s festivities. 

Well we go out back, start the bike and the motor warms as I help my wife get her helmet strapped on and just generally prepared for the ride home.  She doesn’t ride much because she usually has the kids when I ride, but has been expressing a whole lot of interest lately.  Get her set, zip her purse up in my jacket so she doesn’t have to worry about anything but holding on, relaxing and enjoying the short cruise home. 

Both on bike, kickstand goes up, clutch in, downshift into first, give her “you ready?” and WHAM from behind, Jeep Cherokee bumper on my bike. I don’t let the bike go over, back into Neutral, kickstand down, look back “you alright”, a quick reply of, “I think so” she says, quickly glance at the back of the bike to see my new home made / custom fender with 2 week old paint laying bent over the rear tire.  The guy pulled up about 3 or 4 feet after he hit us and by the time he put it in park he was greeted by a man who felt like this guy just tried to seriously injure my wife.    There was no discussion after his door was opened for him.   My wrist and two outside fingers hurt like a son of a bitch for some reason now.  J

Anyways, riding season is here, keep your heads up, eyes and ears open, and rubber down.  All your ever going to get out of the asshole who hits you is a “I’m sorry…I didn’t see ‘em.”  Thankfully this was just a little reminder for me and the OL is doing fine. 

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