Monday, August 22, 2011

From Inside the USS Alabama Battleship

These were some pics I took around the first week of July but I just got the camera back and was able to download them.  I took the kids to visit the battleship and submarine on the way home from the 4th of July beach trip.  

I liked all the old art, photography, drawings, and just general nostalgia that was aboard the ship everywhere. 

Those were some big freakin' wrenches.

I liked the design of the sights.

My Lil' Man just having a ball and soakin' it all in.


"Lead, Dammit, Lead"

Had to throw 'em in the Brig for a little while.

The beautiful lady who puts up with all my shit and keeps me going. 

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  1. Damn AJ, how did you talk her into marrying you?! Nice shots of the old gray lady, been awhile since I've been down there.